Your Spanish Holiday Home – How To Deal With Too Many Visitors

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When you first purchase your second home in Spain, you may think you will never tire of having friends and family over to visit. But with so many cheap flights now available to Spain, you may find that your friends and family can afford to visit you more often than you had anticipated. Cleaning up after house guests can soon become tiring, especially when you are supposed to be taking a relaxing holiday!
It can be difficult to admit to, and even more difficult to speak to your friends and family about, but having too many guests can feel as if you are running a free B&B service. So here are some tips for those struggling to keep on top of the number of guests who visit them in their holiday home in the sun.

House Rules

Establish some rules around your home with regard to visitors. The earlier you make these rules, the easier they will be for everyone to get used to. For example, you could introduce a time limit on how long anyone can invite a friend to stay, or a rule that means that everyone has to help prepare meals when there are guests staying. This can help to reduce the level of stress, and means you won’t be left to do all the work yourself.

Keep A Diary

A diary will help you to keep on top of things. Before anyone books any flights or travel arrangements, check your diary to make sure that your house is free, and that you are not busy doing other things. Look out for visits coinciding with a family birthday or special occasion that you may wish to spend alone. This way, you will avoid letting anyone down, and will be better prepared for planned family and friend visits.

Plan A Trip Home

If you stay in your second home for extended periods of time, or even live their full-time, then consider booking a trip home to visit your friends and family rather than having them come to you all the time. Even if they still want to visit you, their trips can be shorter if you have already made the effort to catch up with them earlier in the year.


Having too many visitors can be extremely stressful. If you feel it is affecting you, then you need to act quickly before the situation gets out of hand. You do not want to get to the stage where you resent having guests, leaving you and them feeling guilty. You also don’t want to get to the stage where you are struggling to financially cover the costs of all of these visits. Most people will only consider the costs of their cheap flights, and not the cost to you the host. If this is the case, explain to your guests before they book a trip that you would appreciate some money towards the costs of having them to stay. They are sure to understand. To help alleviate the burden on them, point them towards a travel agent that can give them a cheap deal – Thomas Cook have some amazing offers on holidays on their website.

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