New President for the Canaries.

Paulino Rivero has taken office as president of the Canary Islands. Ahead of a legislature in which the Socialists will be in the executive after 18 years in opposition. Rivero has ten goals on his the agenda.

The Government begins its journey insisting that the sustainability of public services are to be prioritised over other concerns. Paulino Rivero will insist on the need for all the islands’ society to be capable of reaching mutual agreements. He believes it will be easier to get out of the economic crisis with the agreement and the unity of political parties, employers and unions across the islands.
The new government’s agenda, Rivero said at his inauguration, has ten points. The first is the renovation of the covenant by the economy and jobs that do not have the support of the PSC. The goal is for socialists to bring their proposals to renovate and give new impetus as the pact on the quality and competitiveness of tourism.

In addition, the government aims to articulate a social pact for Education. Other issues highlighted are the promotion of industrial development and updating of the Economic and Fiscal Regime. Also included in the covenant of CC and PSC is concrete reform of the Statute of Autonomy and a change in the electoral system canary. Finally, the Executive, which will have as vice president Jose Miguel Perez, adopted a Law on Civil Service and Public Administration Canaries.

Restriction on the use of tap water for health reasons.

The director of the Health area of ​​Fuerteventura has restricted the use of water for drinking, cooking or preparing food in the supply network in the municipality of La Oliva due to excess chlorine.

The municipal Water Supply SA La Oliva, manager of water supply for human consumption in the Corralejo Beach and Geafond developments, reported that the concentration of chlorine in the network is too high.

The City notes that the restrictions will remain until the changes of these parameters are fulfilled appropriate to health standards.

This is due to the apparent abandonment from the former group of government, which was unable to install the chlorinator that the network requires to avoid the chlorine.

It also adds that the Water Supplies of La Oliva will be working to prevent such occurrences in the future.